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Leggi S.r.l. was created by a crafts family company founded in 1959 by Eligio Leggi and Clara Amori. The company was operative in the engineering field as a support to big companies such as SIP, ENEL, State Railways. At that time the economic growth was at its maximum level, therefore Leggi grew very fast. In 1989 Leggi S.r.l. is founded. After the original founders passed away, the control was taken by Flavio, Lucilla and Stefania Leggi. The nature itself of the company changed. In fact, it became a company for the precasting of components for the construction industry. .

Mission & Vision

Our company has been operating in the cement prefabricated items business for the last 60 years, ensuring our customers quality and reliability.

We are constantly undertaken to continuous improvements of our production process. The value and safety of people always remains the first priority.

Our company is official supplier of several large companies in Italy operating in the construction and installation business. Among them is Telecom Italia S.p.A.

We are a family owned company, we are brother and sisters taking care of the administration, human resources, production and sales. The direct contact with our employees and workers makes it easier to benefit from the longtime experience of some of them and the innovative thinking of younger ones, thus creating a synergy for improving  costs, planning and production phases.

In this way, Leggi S.r.l. represents a typical example of small/medium sized company in Italy, where dedication, passion and attention to the customer’s needs are a must as well as continuous research for improving products and technologies. All this makes Leggi S.r.l. to be a winning partner.

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